June 29, 2014

About The Animals



The beautiful animals above are just a few of the pets available to adopt on PetFinder.com, our partner for pet adoption advertisement.

We have many animals available for adoption that have been well cared for while they are waiting for their "furever" homes.  We have loved these dogs, cats, and others as if they were our own, and they are well socialized and up to date on vaccinations.  Please take a look and open your hearts to adopt one of these great companions.

Preparing for Adoption:

  • Make sure you are ready to adopt by discussing this big step with the whole family. After all, they would be a part of your family.
  • Where will your pet be inside or outside? All animals at Harmony Rescue are "indoor" companions. This means the animals spend the majority of their time with you, inside the house. We do recognize that there are some animals who do like the outdoors more.
  • Does your schedule allow enough time to spend with your new companion? If you pet will be crated for more than 4-5 hours, it probably isn’t the right time to adopt.
  • How will you care for your animal both on a daily basis and for all medical care (including a yearly exam, monthly preventive, old age, and critical care)? Consider getting Pet Insurance to help cover medical costs.

Adoption hours at Harmony Rescue:
Monday through Friday by appointment only.
Sat and Sun 9 am to 5 pm.  Call first 434-821-3544.