January 22, 2017

Sponsor An Animal




Many people love our animals but can't have a pet for various reasons. Animal sponsorship is a way to connect with your favorite animal without the responsibility of taking them home. Harmony Rescue currently has several animals who will likely live their life as permanent residents. A monthly donation (or a one-time sponsorship) allows us to provide exceptional care for the animal. Although any amount is appreciated, the following chart outlines our donation amounts with services:

Donation Dogs/Cats Horses/Donkey
$20 Food, treats, vitamins Regular Feed, treats
$40 Food, treats, vitamins, Flea/Tick application, Heartworm Preventative Special Feed, treats, dewormers
$50 Medical care (deworming, Rabies, HW test, DHPP, exam) Hay, hoof care
$100 All of the above; major medical care Hay, medical care


Donations can be made by check, PayPal or cash. You may also use Capital One on our donations page.

All transactions are secure.

Note: If an animal's name is not specified, we will apply the funds to the area in greatest need.




Maggie – Currently sponsored; Maggie came to us in 2006; Retired Quarter horse rescued from a hoarding case. Requires a special diet and medical care.
Carly – Needs Sponsor; Special needs personality; In 2012, Carly came to us at 6 mos., pregnant and scared. We call her our spirited gal. She is cautious yet loveable. Doesn’t like to walk on leash and would prefer to dance like Jagger.
Lucy – Currently sponsored; Lucy came to us in 2012; Registered Arabian whose owners could no longer care for her. Requires a special diet and medical care.
Annalee – Adoptable or Needs Sponsor; Annalee came to us in 2011. She was a rack of bones; She is absolutely beautiful, loveable and FUN!
Charlie (Cat) – Needs Sponsor; owner passed; has special medical needs (enlarged heart, loses hair); needs a very quiet home, no stress. Requires a special diet.
Charlie Chinchilla – Adoptable or Needs Sponsor; Potential adopters must be experienced with chinchillas. Loves to chew and eat sweet treats.
Sam – Partially sponsored; In 2008, Sam came to us when he was about 8 mos. old, very timid and scared of everything. He is doing well but still has a special need personality. Sam requires medical care if exposed to extreme temps or over plays. Loves chicken treats.
Katie – Partially sponsored; Came to us in 2010 with a litter of 8 pups who all have been adopted. Katie was timid, had HW, and Ehrlichia, thus she stayed and has been with us ever since.
Joey – Partially sponsored; In 2008, Joey was found at 4 mos old curled up with a mini goat on a pile of garbage. Although Joey tried out a couple of homes, he is a follower, not a leader. Joey continues to work through trust but still has a special need personality. Needs daily medicine.
Dixie – Needs Sponsor; Needs medication to prevent chronic UTI infection; Approximately 11 yrs. old. In 2014, Dixie came to us as an owner surrender. Sweet gal. She loves to cuddle.