October 24, 2021

Raffle 2021

We would like to thank all our SPONSORS this year for supporting and making our 8th annual Raffle possible. All raffle proceeds are for our medical fund to pay for spay and neuter surgeries, vaccines, and general medical care for Harmony Rescue animals. We will use these funds with the utmost thoughtfulness and diligence.  Again, we thank you for supporting the animals in our care. Bless you all.

All winners will be announced on our Facebook page throughout the month of January. If not already, click on the “Like” button.


Allen’s Homes
Back To Health
Coates Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
Creek and Meadow Vet Hospital
Dr. Robin Hubbard
Dianne Prout for Eubie Rescue
George Schaefer Hoof Care
In Honor of Greyhounds
In Honor of Katie & the Boys
In Memory of Betty Boop & Marilyn Rietzel

In Memory of Buddy, Chester & Dolly
In Memory of Doozie
In Memory of Edward Majors
In Memory of HR Kids
In Memory of Julie Grant
In Memory of Mikey & Cisco
In Memory of Phoenix and Abby
In Memory of Rudy
In Memory of Smudge
In Memory of Tazz, Maggie & Belle
In Memory of Tonka, Dezi & Lucy
K & S Audio Video Solutions

L. Oppleman
MAD Biddy’s
Mitch Mason – CC Farm Bureau
NAPA Auto Parts (Altavista)
Pawprints Mobile Medicine For Pets
Rambo’s Country Store
Rummage Renovators
Schewels Home
The Lombardo’s
The McNerney Family – In Memory of William and Theresa McNerney
Timberlake Animal Hospital
Watts Petroleum Corp.

January 1 $300
Ticket #0141
Winner: Arlene Cundiff – Lynchburg, VA
Sponsor: Pawprints Mobile Medicine for Pets
January 2 $100
Ticket #0990
Winner: Patricia Reasor – Schertz, TX
Sponsor: Shewel’s Home
January 3 $50
Ticket #0068
Winner: Jenni Fitzgerald – Middleburg, FL
Sponsor: George Schaefer Hoof Care
January 4 $50
Ticket # 0195
Winner: Renee Stokes – Brookeville, MD
Sponsor: The McNerney Family – In Memory of William & Theresa McNerney
January 5 $100
Ticket #2301
Winner: Andrew & Barbara Kirby – Forest, VA
Sponsor: In Memory of Buddy, Chester & Dolly
January 6 $ 50
Ticket #0578
Winner: Brandon Marcum – Mooreville, NC
Sponsor: MAD Biddy’s
January 7 $ 50
Ticket # 0403
Winner: Kara Hudson – Virginia
Sponsor: Back to Health
January 8 $100
Ticket # 1425
Winners: Rick Hepler – Waynesboro VA
Sponsor: In Memory of Julie Grant
January 9 $100
Ticket #1314
Winner: Andrea Wyckoff – Madison Heights, VA
Sponsor: Creek & Meadow Veterinary Hospital
January 10 $ 50
Ticket #0753
Winner: Mary Pickrel – Hurt, VA
Sponsor: Napa Auto Parts – Altavista
January 11 $ 50
Ticket #0856 and #0852
Winner: Joe Dzwilewski – Manahawkin, NJ and H. Lombardo – Evington, VA
Sponsor: Coates Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning
January 12 $100
Ticket #1210
Winner: Steve Jester – Altavista, VA
Sponsor: In Memory of Rudy
January 13 $ 50
Ticket #0577
Winner: Tiffany Crotts – Chesapeake, VA
Sponsor: In Honor of Itsy Bitsy
January 14 $ 50
Ticket #0089
Winner: Terry McQuiddy – Jacksonville, FL
Sponsor: Rambo’s Country Store
January 15 $100
Ticket #0111
Winner: Matt Tamasi – Somerset, NJ
Sponsor: Timberlake Animal Hospital
January 16 $100
Ticket #0052
Winner: Carrington Mead – Jacksonville, FL
Sponsor: In Honor of Katie, Max, Barron & Cody
January 17 $300
Ticket #1052
Winner: Debbie Riley – Rustburg, VA
Sponsor: In Memory of Phoenix and Abby
January 18 $ 50
Ticket #1467
Winner: Eric “Arthur” Reynolds – Lynchburg, VA
Sponsor: In Memory of Mikey, Cisco & Lucky
January 19 $100
Ticket #1347 and #0751
Winner: Michele Totaro – Manchester NJ and Glenn Miller – Altavista, VA
Sponsor: K&S Audio Video Solutions
January 20 $ 50
Ticket #2330
Winner: Teresa Barber – Ringgold, VA
Sponsor: The Lombardo’s
January 21 $ 50
Ticket #0034
Winner: Germaine DeLuca – Walnut Creek, CA
Sponsor: Allen’s Homes
January 22 $100
Ticket #
Sponsor: Dr. Robin Hubbard